Window Treatments For Arched Windows

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Window Treatments For Arched Windows – Arched windows are a beautiful feature in any building – but sometimes presents a challenge decor in trying to find the appropriate treatment window. If you need privacy and cannot leave the window open standing and unadorned, there are several options for you to try the window.

One of the options for window treatments for arched windows shade is a pleated like a fan. These tones are the exact size of the opening of the bow window and take your style from the fans of pleated paper.

Arc treatments custom woods are an elegant way to dress a window. The arc can be made separately from the bottom of the window treatment or whole treatment can be a one-piece construction.

A colorful and dramatic to wear an arched window way it is to have a piece of stained glass created for space arc. This window treatment can be a simple or intricate design pattern to dress up the whole room. Stained glass brings color and beauty to the room and still allows the passage of natural light through. Since treatments more arched window are custom-made and expensive, you may want to explore a different way to window treatments for arched windows without having to wear the bow.

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Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Arched windows add architectural flare and drama to a room. If bow window is wide and extends to ceiling or a more modest height, right window treatments for arched windows not only to light from window and control, but also emphasize and highlight an arched window, so which is a focal point in a living space.

A practical and cost effective way to window treatments for arched windows is used cellular shades. As pleated shades, cellular shades have a three-dimensional honeycomb design that helps control light while providing privacy structure and a window. Custom Cellular shades are used to create an effect similar to a fan in arched portion of window while bottom half of window is covered with a cellular shade matching or complementary shadow otherwise. Usually a louvered cell is mounted on inside of window for a custom fit.

Tailored valances are another option for window treatments for arched windows. Most custom borders of this type are designed and installed by a professional. Border is installed with an internal mounting for a rounded effect on top of arch or whatever mounting creates a straight edge and eliminates appearance of full bow.

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