Setting Hippie Room Decor

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Hippie room decor-If you are attracted to the hippie style, create a room that has this laid-back, groovy feeling. You can produce a room that makes the residents feel as if they’ve taken a trip back in time. Decorating of the hippie room decor is simple and can be economical, because it does not require the purchase of matched pieces or expensive decor items.


Use found the pieces to furnish your space instead of buying brand new furniture. Eco-conscious, and often strapped for cash, hippies often filled their spaces with gathered pieces from different eras instead of buying new furniture. Mix and match patterns. Areas with a hippie feeling is often eclectic, consisting of an assortment of patterns that do not, at first appearance, match.

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To ensure that these bits do not collide, look for patterns with shades of the same color family or pattern with similar styles. Warm up your room with a floor covering. Place a print carpet in the middle of your space to make it inviting and cozy. Use parts of wood or plastic beads to create a doorway barrier.

Buy bead curtains intended for this use, and connect the wires to create a dense beaded curtain through which guests have to shoot to get into space. Add lighting with a hippie feel. Place a lava lamp in your room to allow a psychedelic feel. Purchase beaded or bold-print lampshades for your existing lighting fixtures to provide a hippie room decor makeover.

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