Organizing Decorative Pillows

Red Decorative Pillows

The arrangement of a large pile of decorative pillows can create a pleasant oasis of color and texture and plenty of non woven combinations and disordered as the artistry of the person who organized. Using some simple design principles as basic to the choice of pillows and organization guides, you can easily create an aesthetic luxury. Look at the area where you want to arrange the cushions and have all considerations decor. In your piece of paper, noting the colors, textures and shapes of furniture in which the cushions.

Determines the color scheme you want to use for your arrangement of decorative pillows. The first color you will choose will be your focal color and will probably be a rich, bright and intense color. The second color is a neutral, such as roasting, white, black or gray. The third color should be a color found in the decoration of the room to help connect with the rest cushions.

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Place decorative pillows on the couch or in bed with the highest hand behind the back of the arrangement. Let some of them remain somewhat recessed to give a feeling of relaxation and add interesting angles. Arrange them so that you have at least two layers of opulent cushions for a comfortable look.

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