Mid Century Modern Interior Design

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Mid Century Modern Interior Design – This optimistic attitude led to the interior design of the 1950s and 1960s, which introduced a new currency that still influences decor and modern furniture. The new technology was introduced, and with it, a new way of life for the American public.

Colors and Patterns

The decor of the mid century modern interior design 1950s and 60 includes a variety of colors. Rosa combined with chrome, white, mint green or turquoise became fashionable in the 50s, like vivid orange and red. By the 60s he became more earthy colors with yellow harvest, orange and brown, while the yellow sun provides a brighter alternative. Presented flashy fabrics, geometric designs polka dots, stripes and plaids. Even solid color fabrics were richly woven textures.

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The walls, windows and floors

Wallpaper with geometric designs and wood panels with knots often covered the walls in the mid century modern interior design rooms. modern rooms, especially kitchens, also had painted on the ceiling paper. Cafe curtains hung from the windows, providing some privacy while still letting in light. Floors were covered with rugs, shag, sheepskin carpets or linoleum.


more modern furniture follows the style of clean symmetrical styles of the 1950s and 60s were simple shapes with smooth curves or visually expand horizontal lines.

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