Making Designs Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

Black Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

If you like the look and feel of Paris, bring that charm to your home by decorating their walls with designs of making designs fleur de lis wall decor, and the use of common materials you have around your house. Be creative and think outside the box by recycling materials to make templates and wall art. You can supplement your walls with boldly colored flower or more muted lis. Instructions to making designs fleur de lis wall decor.

Print a lily you like a free website clip arts. Place the lily print on a cutting mat. Remove the pen razor blade and carefully cut the inside of the lily so that you make a paper template. Cut an old box or cereal box with a pair of scissors. Place the lily cutout in the top of the carton.

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Trace the inside of the lily in the carton. Place the cardboard on the cutting board. Cut the cardboard inside of the lily. Paste the cardboard to the wall with tape or masking tape. DAP sponge brush on acrylic paint of your choice and apply color directly through the template and into the wall. So create designs fleur de lis wall decor is very easy right.

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