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Window curtain rods – Curtain rods possession of curtains, drapes or valances, and while it’s simple enough to acquire a straight curtain rod for a standard window, a bow window. Ideally, the curtain rod of a bow window has two bends in it, which allows the curtain rod stay snug on the wall. Making your own curtain rods out of PVC pipe, so you can mount the window dressings of your choice to your bow windows.

Instructions to make window curtain rods: Measure the walls of Windows, itself, where you will curtain rod to sit and subtract two inches from both measurements. Then, cut lengths of one inch PVC pipe, which is equal to the measurements you found in step 1. Next, connect the tubes to each other by means of flexible PVC fittings. You can also use rigid PVC elbows for this purpose, allowing flexible PVC fittings you to have accurate bend as you need for your bow windows. An extra level of security, glue the ends of the tubes to the bracket with epoxy glue.

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Assembled curtain rod with spray primer for the cover and let it dry. How long it takes is stated on the packaging. And the last is spray PRIMES curtain rod with black spray paint. The curtain rod is ready to be used when the paint dries. Your window curtain rods were done.

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