Large Window Valance Ideas

Window Valance Ideas Large Window Treatments

Large window valance ideas must create decorations large enough to complement the size of the window. Large windows tend to be more attractive with a valance and / or curtains framing the view. Formal valances large windows tend to use rich materials. Velvet, silk or rayon can be hung on a large window valance shaped like a scallop. The borders meet festoon-shaped material on the curtain rod, and fall into a smooth arc to be found in the bar on the other side.

The scallops can be small and repeated across the width of the window or be larger and to cover most of it. Use festoon burgundy rayon several festoons to cover a large window valance ideas of a living room in a majestic style. Use a border with golden strips edged with gold tassels and three large arches for elegant style.

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Use fabrics and simple shapes at any window valance ideas with a casual style. Cambridge uses a border, in which a straight strip of cloth is wound onto the curtain rod and joins in mild and short pleats that fall evenly in a horizontal line at the top of the window. This style combines with a variety of decorations, such as cotton plaid pastel colors for the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

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