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Kids road rug – Every time we are more used to being able to customize to our liking all kinds of products in the market is possible to order from clothes and personalized accessories to dolls to our image and likeness. Today we have known a proposal in this direction, the carpets custom games.

We know that these kids road rug for children usually represent maps with roads, houses, roads, forests, etc. so that the little ones can use as the setting for their games by just adding a few accessories such as dolls or toy cars. The novelty of the carpet custom games of the Teppito house is that it is the customer who can choose the design or plan map showing your carpet.

The aim of the German company is to offer the possibility of giving the playroom or room of children a personal touch that goes beyond mere decoration, because, as its name implies, kids road rug are designed to that children enjoy a safe surface which also stimulates their imagination. It is certainly an interesting idea that children can create their own stories around your neighborhood or your city, while they learn to recognize the places where they normally operate.Kids road rug,

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