Install & Wiring New Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor Flood Lights Commercial

Outdoor flood lights – Flood lights provide a tremendous amount of light from a single, powerful fixture. They are often used outdoors for cutting through the darkness of night. Most floods light is motion controlled so they only come when there is something in the line of light or sensor. This saves energy and acts as a first line of defense against unwanted visitors to your property. A common installation site for the light under the eaves of the roof.

Instructions to install & wiring new outdoor flood lights, first, drill a 1.5 inch hole in the underside of your roof eave where you want your flood lights installed. Use a hole saw to make the hole in the eave. Then, run a 14-2 G wire into the hole and push it until most of the length is going through the roof. Turn the electricity running through the house at the breaker box. Go into the attic and find the line you ran through the hole in the eave.

Next, connect the power cord to the nearest junction box. Attach the plastic casing of the light in the hole. The wire must run through the house so you can access when the house is secured in place. After that, connect the lead from the roof to the electrical connections of outdoor flood lights. Push wires back through the cabinet and attach the fixture housing. Last, insert a bulb in the fixture and turn the electricity back on.

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