How To Use Scarves As A Window Valances Modern

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Window valances modern – While there are many varieties of window valances boats on the market or available in patterns so you can make your own-a style that has never gone out of style uses scarves. If you want to use scarves as a window valance, measure your window and collect enough scarves to cover the distance. Coordination scarves to complement your existing decor and colors to work.

How to use scarves as a window valances modern, Measure the width of your window. Buy enough small-scarves about 12 or 14 inches square to cover the width of the window when all laid out next to one another. Too high, over-sized windows, 16-inch square scarves to be used. Lay two scarves are side by side. Pick the two top corners of the scarves together when they touch and tie the corners together all at once, leaving about 4 inches of deeds from the knot. Take the two tied scarves to your curtain rod and tie tail around it. Tie a second time, if it is necessary that the substance is too smooth hold with just one node.

how to use scarves as a window valances modern, Add another scarf by attaching one of its corners to the free upper corner of one of the already attached scarves. Tie the end of this new knot around the curtain rod to hold it in place. Continue adding scarves as needed until the entire length of the curtain rod has been tied with scarves. Tie the corners of the two end scarves to even secure them around the rod. Look over scarves and adjust as necessary to ensure that all the nodes are distributed evenly along the road.

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