How To Placing Plush Carpet Tiles

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Plush carpet tiles – Carpet installation yourself may require renting a few tools to perform a professional installation. Plush carpet show fingerprints and is a bit difficult to suck without showing marks sweeper. Vacuum the old carpet to remove as much dust as possible before starting to remove. Remove old carpet pulling it loose from the tack strips. Remove transition strips on doors or other openings.

Pull stuffed with old and discard. Remove old tack strips with a crowbar. Vacuum the floor thoroughly. Install new tack strips along the perimeter of the room with the pins facing toward the wall. Nail tack strips at intervals of 12 inches on the ground, with a hammer. Roll out the plush carpet tiles padding, butting seams and secure with tape. Roll the carpet padding on the tack strip and staple filling underground along the inside edge of the strip tactics. Cut the padding along the inside edge of the tack strip with a sharp knife.

Cut the new carpet six inches wider on all sides that the measurements of the room. Place the carpet face trimmed with excess Up on the walls. Pull the carpet over the tack strip to engage the pins on the strip with a knee kicker. After stretching all over the carpet embroidered strip, cut the rug even with the edges of the wall with a knife. Tuck the edges of the carpet on the opening between the wall and the tack strip, using a stair tool, and trim excess. Install new transition strips on doors or in other areas where new plush carpet tiles meets other floors.

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