How To Install Stained Glass Window Panels

Exclusive Stained Glass Window Panels

Still remember the day when you found stored in the corner of the quaint little shop antiques. Even dusty and forgotten, those two glazed windows were and still captivating.  Remove the old glass. Remove the glue around the window on the outside and cut the caulk. With your helper holding the glass in place from the outside, go to inside and frees the old stained glass window panels. Spend the knife between the glass and the window frame around the entire circumference of the window; once the glass is completely separate from the filler, it slides easily. Scrape the remains of putty.

Place a thin line of caulk around the window frame and stained glass gently press into place. Apply caulking around the frame; you must ensure that the glass is secure and no visible light between the stained glass window panels and frame.

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A strip of cardboard folded so as to form a spring. Masking tape stretches from one end to another of the extension of the stained glass window panels and places the strip between the stained and installed it for stabilizing the glass while caulking dried. Replace the glue on the outside. Let it cure for 24 hours. Remove the spring clean cardboard and other trademarks caulking on the glass.

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