How To Install Milliken Carpet Tiles

Milliken Carpet Tiles Flooring

Milliken carpet tiles used to be difficult to install in your home. Handling large and heavy rolls of carpet, cutting and placement of bulk material, and then stretching and tacking down correctly was a great job. Carpet tiles today make the work much simpler.

Instructions to install Milliken carpet tiles: remove old carpet, clean the floor, and let it dry completely. Pin insert media path on the floor in the corner at each end of one of the walls. Connect the free end of a chalk line to a pin; stretch the line to the opposite diagonal corner. Measure the wall and the opposite wall.

Identify the direction of the nap of the carpet placing arrows on the back of each carpet tile. Start at the point where the chalk lines cross and put a tab at a time along a central line to the wall, keeping the arrows pointing in the same direction. Place another row of carpet tiles, from the initial tile, to the side of the nearest wall. Continue filling in a quarter of the room with carpet tiles before moving to the next quadrant.

Flip a Milliken carpet tiles upside down to mark a cutting line to fill the gaps between the tiles already installed and the wall. Make sure the arrow is pointing in the opposite direction of the existing tiles when turned. Mark the cutting line with a marker. With a ruler metal ruler as a guide, cut the tab for the back with a knife. Flip the cut piece of tile face up and put in place to fill the void.

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