Garden Xeriscape Design

New Mexico Xeriscape Landscaping Ideas

Xeriscape design – A very good option for Mediterranean climates where rainy days like today have become a totally sporadic thing. Gardens that minimize water usage among other good practices, to have a high quality landscape and biodiversity that focuses on native species.

Xeriscape design is a term applied to the projected water consumption is minimal, based on the design of spaces and in the group of species with similar needs water gardens. A highly recommended for dry or places where water quality is very poor areas discipline that emerged during severe droughts suffered west US in the 70s, promoting this new trend to build gardens of low water consumption. In Spain, xeriscape also was widespread but by 90, due to the severe drought that hit the peninsula during these years.

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The term xeriscape design comes from the Greek Xeros, meaning dry since the main idea of these gardens is to make rational use of irrigation water avoiding waste and has spread to climates like ours, the Mediterranean, and also semi-desert areas . But saving water is not only important, it also has an ecological sense, since it advocates the use of products, fertilizers and natural insecticides, little fuel consumption and recycling.

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