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Amusing Bay Window Seat

A cantilever construction, when a horizontal beam is extending more than a foundation wall. The beam is only attached at one end. The beam is stabilized by the weight of the wall. The freely extending portion called the cantilever. A bay window seat is a window of three sides extending further beyond the outer wall of a house or building. The central window is parallel to the wall and windows can be cloistered or backrest angle, depending on the style of the bay. The bay windows come in many styles, the window style is known as a window picture today is simply a box-shaped version of a window. When a window has curved windows, window called arc.

There are two common types of bay window seat and a window often called a bay window which is actually a room without projecting polygonal exterior windows. This third type of window can be set directly on the foundations of the building or house. Rises from the base and is part of the outer wall even though creates a window space and into the building. The two real windows are cantilevered over beyond the outer wall. A cantilever style is just below the bottom of the window.

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