Decorative Wall Crosses Style

Metal Decorative Wall Crosses

Decorative wall crosses – The cross is a symbol of Christianity that represent hope and salvation from sins that are offered through the Act of crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Showing the cross on the walls of homes, businesses and churches is a common way to acknowledge Christ’s gift to mankind. The purchase of the Styrofoam and the cross in Christian supply stores or craft to use as the base of the cross on the wall project. The best foundation for this project, because of the weight of the ingredients, is a cross of wood. You can buy the polished stone or gemstone and plaster of Paris in craft stores or hobby. Always wear safety glasses and protective face mask when mixing powdered plasters.

Start by applying a thick layer of plaster of Paris to the surface of the cross (except background) with a putty knife. Keep pushing stones into the plaster until the decorative wall crosses is covered on all surfaces except rear (which will hang onto the wall). Frame hangers or nails with saw tooth frame hangers on the back of the cross with nails done. You can use the foam cross to form the basis for this project.

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Buy satin Rosebuds in the coal option in your craft, fabric or discount stores. Straight pin must be inserted through the center of the upper rosebud respectively. Press the pin into the foam of the cross. All surfaces of the cross should be covered except for the back that will hang on the wall. Rosebuds to decorative wall crosses push the foam so that each touches a rosebud rosebud next door and foam are not visible. Use a satin ribbon to form a loop to hang pin, and hot glue to the back of the cross.

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