Child’s Bedroom Inspired By Harry Potter Home Decor

Harry Potter Home Decor For Walls

Harry Potter Home Decor – Although I must admit I’m a big fan of Harry Potter novels. In its pages you can go back to that childhood in which friends were forever bad could win group and magic still existed. Wow, that as soon as my daughter is old, he will touch sure to read the billet. Today I bring a child’s bedroom inspired by the novels of Harry Potter and Harry Potter Home Decor sure will delight fans of the series.

On the walls harry potter home decor are painted ashlars walls imitating Hogwarts where there was not actually smooth walls, and beds, canopy, are very similar to those we see in the movies of the saga of the boy wizard. Next to the beds we can see some tables that are old suitcases with their cages for owls and just to his right a couple of brooms ready to go out and play at any time.

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For lights of the tables have a candle sconces with forms also recall the atmosphere of the Harry Potter films and harry potter home decor. Finally, highlight the detail of the quotations from the books in the headers and the wisdom to place the curtains in the canopies.

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