Butterfly Wall Decor With Paper

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Butterfly Wall Decor – Last year at this time I did a paper mill with an old book which was home. It is a book in German , written in a very cool old letters , but at home nobody knows German, I’m pulling it to make crafts Butterfly Wall Decor and so enjoyed otherwise. This year I took a few leaves to make some butterfly wall decor with them. Right now we are in spring and there you go give some joy to the matter, I do not think?

For the butterfly wall decor need a paper or cardboard to make butterflies and something to stick them to the wall. I will use cellophane; sure there is a roll in every house. Besides the basic materials like scissor, paper, ruler .I have drawn two molds of different butterfly wall decor, I leave the pattern HERE if you want to download the so. We print as many as we go to put on the wall; we cut and mark the folds of the wings helping with a rounded tip. Stick the adhesive on the back, put them on the wall and enjoy them and the new decor that we’re getting.

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