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Awesome Bow Window Curtains

Bow Window Curtains – First, select a band based on the colors in your curtains. If you have solid curtains, go to a free color.For example: If the curtains are light gold, choose winter white; If the curtains are brown, go for a tan or khaki color, etc. If you have patterned curtains, choose a color from the pattern to highlight. Second, folding a tape in half to determine the exact middle of the band. Location pushpin through the middle of the band.

Third steps to make bow window curtains, start with the left side of the window and push the push pin into the wall by the window (outside of the window frame). Be sure to keep the pin as close to the window frame as possible, so it can not be seen. For best results, use a flat-top pushpin. Fourth, pull the panel left curtain over to the left side of the window where the pin and the tape was just inserted.

Fifeth, separate tape ends and hold panel curtain in between the two ends. Bring tape around the curtain, cris-cross belt and loop the right ribbon end over the left (as you are tying your shoes).Pull each end to tighten. Sixth, tie ribbon in an arc; draw on the bow loops to tighten it. If necessary, cut the ribbon ends to make them yourself. Last, repeat steps 3-6 with curtain right panel on the right side of the window. And your bow window curtains was finished.

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