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Dorm Room Decoration – Dorm Room Decoration Begin to add your college years by living in a dormitory to the experience. Whether your experience will be positive or negative depends on how well prepared you are to make very narrow units operate with a relative stranger. Most people graduating from university with at least one roommate still a good friend for life, and say they are glad they lived on campus rather than in other housing.

Furnished with two or three single beds, one or two cabinets, maybe a sink, built-in desks and shelves and not enough electrical outlets, dormitories usually not much style. Usually located right on the college campus, most people can walk or catch a bus or van to get to their classes. Newer colleges have removed the phys-ed locker room type bathrooms and dorm room decoration built with more privacy for toilets and showers.

Having a dorm room decoration where you can rest, sleep and study is gonna be of paramount importance while at the University. If your roommate has friends running in and out of a party, or the people next door loud fights or constant parties, your grades will suffer accordingly. You can go down with more colds and headaches, if you are not getting enough sleep or put up with too much stress.

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